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About the Energy Alignment Meditation
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Humanity as a collective benefits from the transformational power of the individual, the dedication and devotion for growth. Therefore, a single individual human being can impact thousands and millions of humans at once.

About This Channeled Session Led by Asil

We as a humanity are facing an unprecedented time, where the responsibility for our own personal growth and evolution is of paramount importance. Only then can we evolve as a collective. The architects of our reality, the Elohim, are a collective of higher consciousness beings who are here to offer their unconditional love and support, if we so choose to accept it. During this session, the Elohim share their wisdom on the topic of personal and planetary evolution, as well as offer their support in the form of energetic alignments to assist each of us in dissolving anything that might be blocking us from evolving into the highest version of our beings. You will receive this gift whether you tune in live or by watching the replay, as the container established will exist outside of space and time.

This and all energy transmissions are an unconditional gift to you and to all of humanity. The guides are here to support you in every step of your evolution. All you need to do is show up for yourself, and open up to the infinite realm of possibilities.

Meet Asil

About Asil

Asil receives and transmits transformational energy and spoken wisdom from higher and non-dual sources of consciousness. This benevolent energy and wisdom is an unconditional gift intended to support humanity’s evolution during this time of change.
Asil delivers energetic transmissions consisting of spoken wisdom from various guides, as well as alignments for participants. These transmissions can be accessed online or in-person, during the live stream or its replay, and the recipient needs only to intend to receive the energy, relax, and be open to it. The experience of the energy is unique and tailored to each individual, with many reporting feelings of peace, relaxation, an opened heart, and alignment.